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Easy-Apply, high-tech Universal Liquid Wax.
No heating required, suitable for all snow conditions.

Patented nano technology, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Typically eco friendly waxes do not work, but this wax really works.

Even better than none environmental friendly waxes.

The reason is simple. All other waxes on the market just stay on the surface.

This nano technology solution enters into the material.

The fastest BONEFIGHTER’S use this wax and also the worlds fastest Snowboarder, Edmond Plawczyk!

This is a wax revolution! Improves glide and protect the bases. Apply evenly to the bases. Can even be applied when on the slope with wet Sled Dogs (last not as long, but gives great glide instantly). Optimally is to spray on dry Sled Dogs and wait 5 minutes, still amazingly easy and fast application. Specially designed for Sled Dogs Snowskates, but can safely be used for skis, snowboard etc.