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Bred for speed and endurance

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The Hygen, named after a Norwegian pedigree famed for its strong nerves and resilience, is bred for speed and endurance, with related features that make it more specialised than the all-round Halden.


  • Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment for superior quality, fit, and endurance
  • 35 mm power strap for added control
  • Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment
  • Firmer material/construction for extra stability at speed
  • Sizes 5-13
  • Racing red


This breed comes in transparent deep racing red, showing that it is bred for speed!
The material is designed to be slightly stiffer than the Halden, for extra stability at higher speeds.
As with all Sled Dogs breeds the Hygen comes with bases with steel edges for great bite on the slopes.
This is a breed that can be used by both men and women.
The Hygen is available in size 8-13 Unisex.

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