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Comfort fit designed especially for women

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The Lunde, named after a Norwegian breed known for its luxuriant fur and extraordinary agility, is designed especially for female riders, in response to demand for an even warmer, extra-comfortable boot.


  • Aluminium buckles with micro-adjustment for superior quality, fit, and endurance
  • 35 mm power strap for added control
  • Grab loops front and back for easy tongue and inner adjustment
  • Super soft and warm, fluffy inner-boot material
  • Sizes 6-10 female (5-9 unisex)
  • White/Grey


The main feature of the Lunde is a warmer inner boot made of a fluffy insulating material providing warmth and comfort for those cold days!
The design is also more feminine with white and silver colors to match easily with women’s winter clothing styles. There are some nice style touches: the bottom part of the boot is in grey/dusk transparent material, through which the pattern of the silver inner boot is visible and the polished aluminium buckles look great, too.
As with all Sled Dogs breeds the Lunde comes with bases with steel edges for great bite on the slopes.
The Lunde is available in size 6-10 Women’s Size, Unisex size is 1 size down.
As an example. Size 8 in this breed is in practice size 7 Unisex.